Police Officer Paul Talty
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Paul and Barbara Talty's Cape Cod in Wantagh, N.Y., was already crowded when there were just two children, Paul Jr. and Lauren. With a third was on the way, it was time to raise the roof.

Having worked as an electrician and carpenter before joining the New York City Police Department in 1993, Officer Talty tackled most of the work himself.

He built a full second-story addition, working after his shift and on days off to get the place ready for Kelly, who was born in August.

Officer Talty built his career the way he remodeled his house — combining disparate elements in a master plan.

"Paul wasn't driven to be a hero like some others on the force," said his sister-in- law Lisa Talty. There are many teachers in his family, but no policemen. "He became a policeman because he wanted to take care of his family."

Officer Talty was nonetheless dedicated to police work, especially after joining the emergency services unit.

"You knew that if it came down to it, Paul would do whatever needed to be done," said his friend Joseph McAuliffe.

Officer Talty, 40, loved the beach, and looked forward to vacationing in Naples, Fla., each winter.

He considered taking the police officer's test there, and going into teaching after he retired.

"Paul would have made a great teacher," said his wife, Barbara. "I always said 'I wish you were a teacher. It's a much less dangerous career.' "
- The New York Times 12/28/2001

With a new baby born just last month, Paul Talty, a 40-year-old city police officer with the Emergency Service Unit, went to work on Tuesday morning with thoughts of building for the future. He and his wife were even putting an addition on their Wantagh house to make room for their growing family.

But by the end of Tuesday, there was still no word about Talty's whereabouts, and his family became deeply worried. Yesterday the police department confirmed that Talty was among 23 police officers missing after the World Trade Center disaster.

"They know he went into the building -- we think it was Tower One -- but we don't know how high up he was when it [the building collapse] happened," said his sister-in-law, Lisa Talty. "We didn't know he was among the missing until he didn't call and we didn't hear from him all day."

Talty, who joined the police force about eight years ago, arrived Tuesday at his unit's Flushing headquarters for the start of the 7 a.m. shift. When news of the first jet attack happened, Talty and other colleagues rushed to the World Trade Center, hoping to save lives. The family's account was confirmed by a colleague who worked with Talty in Flushing but didn't want his name used.

"They got the call and he suited up and must have been one of the first [emergency services officers] to get there," said Lisa, who said her brother-in-law was always helping people. "Everything you can say that's good is Paul. Everybody loves Paul."

She said Talty has a cousin, John English, who is also a police officer and was involved in the World Trade Center rescue attempts without injury.

Talty grew up in Rockville Centre, attending St. Agnes elementary school and Southside High School. He and his wife, Barbara, have two older children, Paul, 12, and Lauren, 9, and new daughter, Kelly, born Aug. 18 at South Nassau Communities Hospital.

He worked for years as an electrician but wanted a job with more security, so he joined the city police force.

"Paul did it for his family - to have a pension and benefits - so he could take care of his family," recalled Lisa, who is married to Talty's brother, John. "He's spent most of his time working on his home . They just put on an addition because of the new baby."

Yesterday the Talty family spent the day anxiously waiting and hoping that some good news about Paul might come. A telephone call to his Wantagh house was answered by a machine with Paul's voice on it.

- New York Newsday Victim Database 9/15/2001

Police Officer Paul Talty, 40, was appointed to the NYPD on August 30,1993, and began his career in the 108 Precinct. He was assigned to ESU 10 in October 1999. After graduating from high school, where he was a basketball and track star, PO Talty attended Queens College and earned a bachelor's degree in sociology. He loved the outdoors, as well as working on his house where, as a skilled carpenter and electrician, he had recently embarked on a major construction project. Fellow ESU officers, who always considered him the command's premier handyman, have already started finished what he began at home. His other hobbies included running and smoking a good cigar. He is survivied by his wife Barbaral children Paul, Lauren and Kelly; parents Gloria and John Sr.; sisters Kerry and Patricia; and brothers Kevin, John, Mark and Steven.
- SPRING 3100, Commemorative Issue

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