Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis
Shield 1889
New York City Police Officer Rodney Gillis had just finished his shift, which ended at 8 a.m., and was hanging around talking to his fellow officers with the Emergency Services Unit when the first plane smashed into the World Trade Center. As usual, he was the first one on the scene.

Gillis, 34, and other Emergency Services officers, who included his former high school teacher, Police Officer John Dallara from ESU Truck 3, were believed to be in the belly of the South Tower when it collapsed, Green said. " We know his team penetrated deep into the building."

Both Gillis and Dallara are among the 23 missing city police officers.

Gillis joined the department in 1988. Promoted to sergeant in 1997, he was loved and respected by his men in Emergency Services Truck 8, said Gillis' former supervisor retired Lt. Richard Green, because he was brave and strong. " And just a terrific guy."

Green noted that Gillis, a Brownsville resident, was " a Brooklyn boy through and through." His mother, Geraldine, also lives in Brooklyn and his father, Otha, lives in North Carolina. He attended Park West High School in Brooklyn as a talented student and received a certificate from St. John's University in Queens and a degree from the Island Drafting and Technical Institute in Amityville.

To those who know him, Gillis is thought of as something of a Renaissance man. On the job, he was trained as a scuba diver, has his EMT certification, is trained in emergency psychology and is also a technician who deals with hazardous materials. Off the job, he was remodeling both his and his parents' home. He loves to play saxophone and is devoted to his three children..

But his dedication to the job, the one that made him run out the door with the rest of the crew after his shift was done, is what defined Gillis, Green said. " He's a true warrior."

- New York Newsday Victim Database 9/26/2001

NYPD Says Goodbye To Officer Killed 9/11
Members of the NYPD gathered Wednesday to remember a brother killed on September 11.

A wake for Sergeant Rodney Gillis was held Wednesday morning in Brooklyn.

Gillis was a supervisor for Emergency Services Squad 8. He was among the 23 members of the NYPD killed in the attack.

His fellow officers said Gillis was a fair but determined officer with an electric smile. Officers under Gillis' command said their charismatic supervisor always looked for ways to do more for the city.

"He was the best," said NYPD officer Craig Hunter. "He was a boss, a friend, a confidant. He was the best you could ask for out of the NYPD."

"We have him back. We have him at peace," said Ronald Gillis, Rodney’s brother. "And it’s the final touch for his friends, my family, his kids."

Gillis leaves behind three children and a fiancée.

Funeral services were held in Long Island Wednesday afternoon.
- NY1 NEWS 8/14/2002

Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis, 33, was appointed to the NYPD on January 26, 1988, and began his career on patrol in Field Training Unit 12. He fulfilled a longtime dream when he was first assigned to ESU in December 1991. After being promoted to sergeant in May 1997, he was reassigned to ESU in February 1998. Sergeant Gillis is survived by his 3 children; mother Geraldine Gilliam; father Otha Gillis; and brother Ronald.
- SPRING 3100, Commemorative Issue

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