Police Officer John D'Allara
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John D'Allara, a member of the New York Police Department's emergency service office in Harlem, was a rescue specialist on the scene at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. During his 14 years on the job, he pried, cajoled or otherwise extracted a broad array of life forms from danger, dealing with a menagerie of exotic animals. Spider monkeys. Bats. Squirrels. One time, he saved an iguana. But he helped plenty of people, too.

"One time, we had a kid trapped in an elevator, with his head trapped between a beam and the elevator," said Sgt. Lee Hom, who worked with Officer D'Allara for five years in the late 1980's and early 90's. "He kept the kid calm, and we got him out."

A physical education teacher before he joined the Police Department, Officer D'Allara, 47, who lived with his wife and two sons, Johnny, 7, and Nicholas, 3, in Rockland County, intended to go back to teaching. "He loved the Police Department," said his brother, Dan. "But he was counting his paychecks to retirement."
- The New York Times 1/29/2002

Helen D'Allara cooked her son, John, his favorite meal of spaghetti with garlic, red pepper and sausages for lunch on Monday, and when he left she urged him to take a $1.50 bag of spice drop candy she had bought at Rite-Aid.

"I said, 'Here, Johnny, you take these with you," she said. "He said, 'No, Mom; I'll be back.'"

New York Police Officer John D'Allara, 47, of Pearl River is among the thousands who are missing in the World Trade Center collapse following Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Awaiting word are his mother and his father, John, who are in their 80s; his wife, Carol, a homemaker; his sons, John, 7, and Nicholas, 3; and his twin brother, Daniel.

"I'm hoping tomorrow they're going to say, 'There he is! He's in the hole down there,'" Helen Dallara said. "I hope for the best, I expect the worst, and I'll take what comes. This is in the hands of God."

John D'Allara grew up, along with his wife, in the Bronx, where his parents have lived for 43 years, Carol Dallara said. John and Carol attended Lehman College together in the Bronx, and John started his career as a high school teacher at Park West in Manhattan.

But, Helen D'Allara said, her son always wanted to be a police officer and later joined the New York Police Department. She estimated he has been with the NYPD for 20 years. He is assigned to the Emergency Service Unit.

When he left his mother and father after lunch on Monday, he kissed them both goodbye.

"These things have a way of repeating themselves," Helen Dallara said. "Hold your child close. Hold those you love close. Because you never know."
- New York Newsday Victim Database 9/15/2001

Police Officer John D'Allara, was appointed to the NYPD on July 25, 1983, and began his career on patrol in Neighborhood Stabilization Unit 7. Prior to joining ESU in 1987, he worked in the Patrol Borough Bronx Task Force and the 46 Precinct. During his 14 years in ESU, he was involved in numerous rescue missions. With a passion for teaching, PO D'Allara earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in physical eduation from Lehman College and taught at Park West and Roosevelt High Schools in the Bronx. As a police officer he wrote the procedural manual for the ESU robot and taught others how to operate it. He was also a member of the FEMA team and a collector of police memorabilia. He is survived by his wife Carol; children John and Nicholas; parents Helen and John; and twin brother Daniel.
- SPRING 3100, Commemorative Issue

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