Name : McCormack, Joseph 

Rank: P.O.

Shield #: 27434 Command: ESS-2
Date of Death: 1983-09-29   Cause of Death: Shot-Barricade Situation
 On September 29, 1983, at approximately 1050 hours, NYPD Emergency Service Units responded to a call of an emotionally disturbed person armed with a weapon at 1639 Mulford Avenue, Bronx, in the 45th precinct. On arrival at the scene, they were informed by patrol units that a male was barricaded in the residence and armed with a shotgun. Emergency Service Units secured the area and members took up tactical positions around the house. Negotiations by telephone and bull horn commenced and continued for approximately three and one half hours. Police Officer Joseph McCormack, Emergency Service Squad 2, had returned to quarters after a court appearance. Learning that the members of the squad were on a "confirmed barricade" assignment in the Bronx, he responded to the job.

PO McCormack was assigned to a position in the rear yard to provide protective cover for the Hostage Negotiation Team that was at the back door attempting to persuade the individual to surrender. At approximately 1445 hours, the man exited the rear door onto an elevated porch. The Emotionally Disturbed Person shouldered his weapon and fired at Police Officer McCormack. Officer McCormack was struck by the round and although injured, returned fire at the perpetrator before he, himself, went down. Police Officer David Schultheis also returned fire striking the emotionally disturbed man who later was pronounced at a local hospital. This, in effect, ended the incident and prevented anyone else from being injured by the deranged armed EDP. Police Officer Joseph McCormack was rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Officer McCormack had been with the NYPD for 15 years. He left behind a wife and three children.

In the years after Joseph was slain, his wife, Susan McCormack became increasingly frustrated at the lack of benefits given to the families of fallen cops. In 1988, she and two other police widows launched a support group called Survivors of the Shield - or SOS, the universal cry for help. The group successfully pushed for legislation to enhance the benefits for children of slain cops, and continues to offer services to heartbroken families. "For me, the reason my husband died had to be helping other families who went through what I went through," Susan McCormack said.
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Comments from Friends    
To My daddy I miss you forever and want you to know that your children will always strive to do their best to honor you
— jessica

Am trying to detrermine if P.O. Joseph McCormick who was killed in the line of duty in the 1980's was stationed in the 90th precinct in Brooklyn in 1979.
— Terry Berkson

Joe was my brother Peter's brother in law. Remembering Joe is easy...he was the sweetest guy, warm, loving and always made you laugh. He will always be thought of with great warmth.
— Carla

I worked with Joe for about 8 yrs in the 90. He was a good friend and a pleasure to work with. Always willing to help others. Joe and I had to go to court on the morning he was killed. We had breakfast together and We talked about hunting. There's not a cop in the 90 who didn't love Joe. We all miss him. God Bless You Joe. With All Our Prayers To You and Your Family.
— Jim Scaturro

I worked with joe for many years in the 90 pct. Joe was an outstanding police officer and friend.Many years ago Joe and his partner PO Sperazza saved my life by being in the right place at the right time by killing a perp attempting to take my life.I am alive today because of Joe. We all miss him very much. I salute you Joe .


I met Joe before joining the NYPD. He is one of the reasons why I became a Police Officer. He was a great guy!!
— Paul Caltabiano

Joe, You are a true hero in every respect. You happened to fall on the fest of St. Michael. I know you are in the comfort of St. Michael. My the Almighty watch over you dear-dear family. May our Heavenly Father watch over all MOS' of the great NYPD.
— Det. Mike.Chicago P.D.

I with with Joe the afternoon of September 29th 1983. I go over that afternoon time and time again thinking of what could I have done differently that would have Joe with us today. May he rest in peace.
— David Schultheis


rest in peace.
— sjs
Posted: November 7, 2006, 7:54 am

I dedicated my book, Corvette Odyssey, to Joe McCormick because he was very helpful when I was trying to track down my stolen car. In fact,he put me on the right track which eventually led to the car's recovery. Obsessed with getting the car back, I was staking out a chop shop when I first became acquainted with Joe. He did some computer checking that led me to believe that a car seen in front of the chop shop was mine. On one occasion, I witnessed Joe's bravery in action. We were talking somewhere in the vicinity of Ten Eyck Street when a commotion across the street revealed a man wielding a knife and acting crazy.Joe excused himself and calmly walked across the street to talk to the man. At no time did he have his hand near his gun. He just spoke quietly to the deranged fellow until the man calmed down and eventually surrendered the knife to the police officer. To me this was grace under pressure. This was the Joe McCormick I knew for a brief moment in time. I firt learned of his death when a fact checker at The Daily News called to tell me that the Joe McCormick I had written about had been killed in the Bronx. I thought it must be a different Joe McCormick because the policeman I knew was in the nine oh. Unfortunately the fact checker was right. I will always be indebted to the cop that went the extra mile for me back in 1979. I still have the car he helped me recover.
— Terry Berkson
Posted: March 30, 2007, 8:37 am

I just finished E Man a book in which ESU Officer Joseph McCormack's death is described by E Man Al Sheppard. For anyone interested I suggest you read it to see what a hero he was as is his other NYPD brothers were and are. God Bless you and him for what you do for the City each and every day.
— Shelly
Posted: August 25, 2007, 10:04 am

I remember calling my dad up one day on the phone. I was working at a pizza place in queens. When my father pick up the phone he sounded upset, I had asked what was wrong? My dad said he had lost a friend in the line of duty. He said his friend Joe was a really nice guy. It has always stuck out in my mind of my father's sadness for his friend and the McComack family. My dad retired from the 90th pct in 1981. Respectfully K.McDougall
— Ken McDougall
Posted: December 11, 2007, 11:13 pm

i have always love stories on my uncle joe, even till this day as i get into my uniform i pray to him to give me wisdom, courage to keep all around me safe. i can on wish to become the cop he was.his sons,mybrother and i are all on the job now trying to finish the job he started.we miss him and love him very much. if anyone has any stories please email me @
— adam raffaele
Posted: April 6, 2008, 1:47 am

I was a Sgt assigned to Trk2. I am so sorry I was NOT working that day. Joe was loved and respected by all who knew and worked with him. God Bless you and his family. with greatest affected, yours truly, Bill
— Bill Friedlander
Posted: August 26, 2009, 9:55 pm

My thoughts about Joe go back to the 60s. We were in the Navy together, booth camp, and then served aboard the carrier Enterprise. We toured Europe, and was part of the Cuban blockade. Joe's nickname then was "Bud" his favorite brew. I believe after being discharged he worked in the World's Fair where he meet and later married Susan. We lost touch for a while until I meet him again in Central Booking, Brooklyn he was in the 90 Pct. I would see him quite frequently in court and we would joke about our time in the Navy. Joe was a good kind person & friend, I know he was a very active cop.I know that what we lost here on earth, was a tremendous win in heaven. rest in peace my brother.
— Ret. PO Vito Oliva
Posted: August 30, 2009, 12:03 pm

I find myself on this page because the memory of this man still lives in me, although I never knew him. My father was also in NYPD Emergency services in his unit the year this happened. I was 9 years old. Officer McCormack's son was a friend of mine in our small upstate NY town. I remember my father coming home, my mother crying, and my young mind pierced by the horrible news - the first time any such news ever had. Now so many years on with a boy of my own, I still think of the sacrifice he made and the love he had for his children, as I do mine. God bless him and his family, I will never forget you in my prayers.
— Pete Smith
Posted: September 24, 2010, 12:35 am

Joe and I worked together in the 90 Pct, he was always catching and would go through the door first. Joe was there for all who needed him. He was a great person and a good friend. RIP
— Mark Saks
Posted: January 14, 2011, 7:53 pm

Joe has six grandchildren that he would love so much. We miss him e everyday. God bless and protect all officers. Too many die each year. Please. Visit memorials. Nypd. Battery park 800 names NYS Albany. 2000 names nY. N l e o m Washington DC 20,000 names
— Sue M c cormack
Posted: April 19, 2012, 8:32 am

September 29th feast day of St Michael the Archangel patron of law enforcement officers, it is the day Joe McCormack was shot and killed 1983., 30 years ago. Time has not healed all wounds . Joe has six grandchildren he will never know! May the angels hold him in their arms and all police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
— McCormack family
Posted: September 10, 2013, 1:06 pm

PO McCormack, you died a professional. You are thought about and prayed for everyday. Your wife like yourself is a true hero, she and her friend helped dozens of families who lost their hero LOD. Rest in Peace Joseph you will never be forgotten.
— Tommy
Posted: September 30, 2013, 6:21 am

I worked with Joe in the 90 Pct. and He was a pleasure to work with.He knew the job and how to handle any situation. RIP Joe
— Bill Wahl
Posted: April 21, 2014, 10:00 am

The NYPD harbor unit will dedicate a boat in your memory 9/16/2014 Your family be there and your six wonderful grandchildren will be on deck For this special day You are so missed by all of us Love the McCormack Family
— Susan McCormack
Posted: September 15, 2014, 1:28 pm

The NYPD harbor unit will dedicate a boat in your memory 9/16/2014 Your family be there and your six wonderful grandchildren will be on deck For this special day You are so missed by all of us Love the McCormack Family
— Susan McCormack
Posted: September 15, 2014, 10:25 pm

Joseph we continue to pray for you. Rest in Peace.
— Tommy
Posted: September 30, 2014, 8:37 pm



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